Cultural Exchange in Duluth, MN

Sept. 8th, 2016.

I love my new necklace purchased at AICHO Galleries today. It was made with love by talented artists from a community in the Andes. Inkas Nativo

-Ana Victoria Sarango
-Paulina Gonzalez
-Petrona Guaillas
Here’s a brief rundown of what happened today.

“A Colorful, cultural exchange took place in Duluth between Native American and Ecuadoran artists who share a passion for bead work.
Members of an indigenous women’s art cooperative, the artists from a community in the Andes have spent the past several days in the city speaking with local university students.
Today they visited with Anishinaabe bead artists at AICHO.
Conversations included celebrating indigenous arts, sharing stories about contemporary native pride and some of the shared challenges indigenous people face.
The artists live in a community in the Andes and are known internationally for their netted bead work.
The visit to Duluth was facilitated by UMD’s David Syring an anthropologist who has worked with the community for ten years.”14238339_10153956658227843_2559500182644230171_n


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