Growing a thick skin

Some new friends  recently told me I was brave for sharing my social and political opinions in light of the backlash they are seeing  on social media.  The anonymity of tapping away a response to a Facebook or Twitter post has emboldened some to attack those with an opposing viewpoint. As a result, these friends have stopped posting their personal views.

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The Princess and the Trolls –The Changeling, by John Bauer, 1913.)


I get it…trolls are often hurtful, and in many cases fail to make a point without harsh and often nasty comments they would never verbalize in a face to face conversation.

Checking my Twitter notifications I find I now have a troll. I considered whether to share this comment because it would give this person the publicity or recognition that they seek. In the spirit of free speech I decided to share one of those comments here.

I will spare you the more nasty ones.

The thing is, we cannot allow others to silence us or to prevent us from having a meaningful dialog with those who may not agree with everything we believe it.  My goal is to find a list of common issues and possible solutions that we can all agree and act upon for the sake of our country.

Growing thick skin can be painful…but we must stand strong and resist the effort by trolls to silence our voices.



2 thoughts on “Growing a thick skin

  1. I had a troll. He made a video to try to humiliate me because he didn’t like a column I had written. I didn’t tell very many people because the more people who clicked on the video the more he would see the statistics and know he was bothering me. He wasn’t even from Minnesota because he could NOT even pronounce the names of our Minnesota towns correctly. A bunch of trolls put Google Alerts on specific words and if those words popped up in their Google alerts they would bully whoever the writer/journalist was. They bully women worse than men. I showed this guy’s video to my husband and my boss. My husband said the guy was a jerk and to ignore it. (Which I did. I also spoke to our mayor who was being bullied about the same subject. he also told me to ignore it.) I’m being vague on purpose because this troll probably still has a google alert on those specific words that I used in my column.

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